Publié le :07/12/2020

Conditions of cancellation and modification for 2021!

For all cancellation due to confinement, border closure, campsite closure, travel limitation

You'll be proposed to be refund or to get a asset for a next stay

For any stay booked before 31/12/2020, we offer you the Freedom formula! ***SPECIAL OFFER STILL VALID UNTIL 01/05/2021*** (All the assets accepted as "commercial gesture" can't be refund.

agenda vacances

The freedom formula: What's this?

You can book your holidays peace of mind and get flexible terms to change or cancel your stay!

-No proof to provide, you can simply change your mind!
-Price: 7€ per night for a rental and 3 € for camping place
-To be purchased at the time of booking

Locations Indre et Loire

Flexible terms!

Changing of stay:

-Stay modifiable up to 14 days before arrival
-Stay modifiable depending o availabilities on the dates and accomodations wished.
-The guests will pay the difference of the total amount of the stay. No refund from the campsite in case of cheaper stay.
-No modification from 13 days before arrival.

Cancellation of stay:

-Until 30 days of arrival, the stay may be cancelled without any fees and all the advanced payment refund.
-Between the 29th the day and until 14 days before arrival , the cancellation fees will be kept according to this scale.
-From 13 days before arrival, no refund could be required.

Total amount Cancellation fees
20€ < 50€ 10€
50€ < 125€ 20€
125€ < 250€ 35€
250€ < 500€ 50€
500€ < 750€ 75€
750€ < 1000€ 90€
1000€ < 2000€ 120€
Locations Indre et Loire

Cancellation insurance COVID 19 with Campez Couvert!

Sickness of COVID 19
-You'are sick of covid 19
-Contact Case
-We remind you the claim file is studied by the insurance. Think to declare and keep all the vouchers which could be required. The campsite is not responsible of the insurance decision. More info